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Dec 30, 2021



Have you ever looked at someone further along the path to you, and wished you were them? Or looked at them and allowed your mental monkeys to convince you that you could *never* be them?

That you’ll never be able to do what they do?
That you’ll never have what they have?
That you’ll never be who they are?


Dec 29, 2021

    Your mission demands your boldest, bravest, most brilliant self.  How ready are you?

Whether you see it as a mission, or a calling, or simply that thing you “can’t NOT do”, right now it requires you to think, dream and play your biggest game.

Your Mission Matters is my free guide to help you self-evaluate...

Dec 23, 2021



When Suzanne was reading Richard Branson’s books at 18 years of age, neither of them could have had any idea of the personal impact he would later have in her career. She went on to have first-hand experience of working with the entrepreneurial giant whose own mission personally inspired Suzanne to help small...

Dec 18, 2021



If you’ve ever been through an experience that re-defines who you are, you will recognise some of the questions posed in this episode. Whether it’s illness, relationship change, loss, redundancy, or another life-changing event, we eventually reach a point where we need to make sense of what has happened and work...

Dec 10, 2021



It’s not an easy question to confront, but for Dr Liz O’Riordan, it wasn’t optional.  Having experienced breast cancer from both sides of the operating table, and been robbed of the personal and professional future she had dedicated her whole life to creating, Liz was not only left rebuilding her physical,...