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Feb 24, 2023

Imagine you were the alternative Prime Minister. What would you change if you ran the country?

This week’s guest describes herself as the kid who never gave up on the idea of a fair, perfect world and she’s on a mission to challenge societal constructs in her fight for freedom and democracy.

Natalie Balmain is a...

Feb 19, 2023

Have you ever wished you had more confidence? Or sat around waiting to do something until you feel more confident to make a start? Or worse still, missed out on that next big thing because you just weren’t confident enough to even try?

In last week’s interview (#081) I talked to positivity rebel and accidental...

Feb 9, 2023

How many of us can say that we’ve blown our whole life up for our mission? If you’re one of the 69,000 people who follow LuinLuland on Instagram you could be forgiven for thinking that her life is one long transatlantic venture of vintage visibility.

It’s almost unthinkable that someone with such vibrance, energy...

Feb 7, 2023

Ready to meet our next set of guests?  Whether you've just found us, or you're a seasoned expert-listener, welcome to Season Six of the Women on a Mission Show.

In this short solo episode, I introduce you to my latest guest list. I’ll tell you a little about who my guests will be, why I've invited them to join me and...

Feb 2, 2023

Looking back on Season Five, and reflecting on the stories and experiences shared by each of my guests, the word that stands out this season is fulfilment. Our external search for ‘more’ and our internal search for meaning.

Whether it’s a quest to give and be more so that we can be the difference that matters for...