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Dec 29, 2021

    Your mission demands your boldest, bravest, most brilliant self.  How ready are you?

Whether you see it as a mission, or a calling, or simply that thing you “can’t NOT do”, right now it requires you to think, dream and play your biggest game.

Your Mission Matters is my free guide to help you self-evaluate where you are and where you want to be in your mission.  More importantly, it helps you to plan how you’re going to get there so that you can boldly and bravely lead the change you want to make, in your career, your profession, your business or in the wider world.

It’s time to STOP thinking, dreaming and playing small. Listen to this episode (and/or download the written version of Your Mission Matters) and let me take you through some key questions to explore how to move your mission forward and how to become the person you need to be to deliver your mission.

It’s up to you whether you undertake the review as a new year evaluation and/or goal setting exercise or whether you work through it at regular points throughout the year to check in on your progress. The process works equally well for either purpose.

Download your free copy of the Your Mission Matters guide HERE. You can either complete the template I've created or use the questions as prompts for your own journal.  In the downloadable version, you will find an extra chapter on how to create detailed outcomes to maximise your success in 2022 and a special offer for January!



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