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Dec 23, 2021



When Suzanne was reading Richard Branson’s books at 18 years of age, neither of them could have had any idea of the personal impact he would later have in her career. She went on to have first-hand experience of working with the entrepreneurial giant whose own mission personally inspired Suzanne to help small business owners to have access to affordable legal protection.

This episode is all about the ripples of impact that come from being the best we can be in our mission, often without ever truly knowing the full impact we have had. In those moments where we're most tempted to make it all about us, true success lies in realising it was never about us at all, and all about the people we're here to serve.



Suzanne Dibble LLB, CIPP/E is a former Mergers & Acquisitions lawyer at a top global law firm and was nominated by Richard Branson for the Solicitor of the Year Award. She is a multi-award-winning business lawyer who created an award-winning course and membership site, the Small Business Legal Academy, that has helped tens of thousands of online businesses protect themselves legally and put all contracts in place easily and affordably.

Suzanne is the author of the best-selling GDPR for Dummies and is a regular media commentator and international speaker.

In her free time, Suzanne enjoys travelling with her family in her campervan and working out with her personal trainer.

Suzanne Dibble can be contacted at:

Instagram: @suzannedibble




Sue is on a mission to help women create a legacy that truly makes a difference.  With over 30 years coaching and leadership experience, Sue understands the fear of not fulfilling the mission you feel called to, and loves nothing more than disrupting unhelpful thinking so you can shift your focus from what you need to do, to who you need to BE to change the world.



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