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Jan 14, 2022



Have you ever had a moment where you realised that you’re not ‘done’?  Where you felt deeply aware that what you are doing just isn’t enough and that there is something else you are here to achieve?

That you have more to do and more to BE?

There’s something really powerful about realising it’s time to think, dream and BE bigger in your mission. Time to show up differently. Time to stop waiting for someone or something else to come along and instead to step into the calling that you are uniquely placed to answer.

In my solo episode, we look back at my conversation with Dr Maggie Landes who, following treatment for cancer, stepped out of her comfort zone to answer her calling. She knew she had found her mission, and in sharing her story she teaches us all how we can learn to trust our dreams more than our fears.

If you’re ready to be more, but you’re wondering where to start, take a listen.



Sue is on a mission to help women create a legacy that truly makes a difference.  With over 30 years coaching and leadership experience, Sue understands the fear of not fulfilling the mission you feel called to, and loves nothing more than disrupting unhelpful thinking so you can shift your focus from what you need to do, to who you need to BE to change the world.


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