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Feb 4, 2022


If there’s one thing that catches everyone’s attention, it’s our level of ease and willingness (or otherwise!) to talk about money. For many women it’s a real struggle and yet, when we truly understand our relationship with money, so much more becomes possible for us in our life, our business and our mission.

Tara was at rock bottom. Running her small business had led to bankruptcy. For Tara to survive, she had to have the courage to own her own genius whether she liked it or not. And in owning her genius she learned how to put mission over money so that she could help women to transform from feeling fearful into being financial powerhouses.

Tara’s story is a journey of personal transformation. Of believing that when we bring our confidence, expertise and strengths together, our mission will emerge and bloom. Of being willing to change her beliefs around money. Of giving herself permission to love money.

A journey of trust, that when we put mission first, the money will follow.



Tara is the founder and CEO of the Bold Profit Academy where she teaches service-based business owners how to sell premium services and programmes without the emotional stress of launching, worrying about ad, overwhelming social strategies or complex funnels. Tara hosts a weekly podcast called the Bold Money Revolution and has been featured in publications like Money Magazine, Yahoo Finance and Huffington Post as well as other publications and podcasts.

She earned her Master’s in Organisational Psychology from Hofstra University, has over 20 years experience, is a certified Profit First Professional and holds an advanced level Reiki certification. Everything she teaches incorporates Energy, Mindset and Strategy as a framework for resilience and results.

Tara can be contacted via her website and on a variety of Social Media/Audio platforms, including:

Podcast:  The Bold Money Revolution (via the podcast platform of your choice)




Sue is on a mission to STOP women playing small so that they can create the legacy they want to leave in the world.  With over 30 years coaching and leadership experience, Sue loves nothing more than disrupting the unhelpful thinking that often holds women back, so that they can think, dream and BE bigger in leading the change they want to see.  Coaching internationally, Sue’s clients are primarily world-changing women who want to lead with confidence, increase their impact and live a life that matters.



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